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It all started about 100 years ago when Austrian doctor Eduard Haas invented Haas baking powder – a pioneering invention in the nutrition area breaking old traditions. In the company’s history he is known as Eduard I. Eduard II later founded a general store and became a proud supplier to the royal court. His son, Eduard III, became a real factory owner. His instinct for practical aspects of life led the young man to production of Haas baking powder which was prescribed by his grandfather as a medicine. Eduard III started as an assistant in his father’s shop. The customers quickly realized that their cakes and pies are lighter, more creamy and better to bake with the young Haas’s baking powder.

To support sales he came with a then revolutionary idea: advertising in paper. Thus one of the first advertising campaigns ever was born. 1927 is a milestone in the company’s history: PEZ, a fine peppermint candy came into existence. The candy made of sugar and peppermint oil was intended for higher social classes. The name PEZ originated from a German word for peppermint – PfeffErmintZ.

Some time later the PEZ dispensers which became the key to the worldwide markets were developed. As early as two years later, after massive success in Central Europe and Scandinavia, Eduard III started building the U.S. market where he succeeded despite severe competition. In 1955 over 350 million PEZ dispensers were sold. In the early 1960s the PEZ dispensers, and hence the whole brand, focused more and more on children. In 1962 the first licence contract with Walt Disney was signed and PEZ dispensers with characters of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse start their triumphant march around the world. Since then the characters have changed numerous times into various children’s favourites. Even these days they are becoming collectors’ artefacts.

The Czechoslovak subsidiary Haas s.r.o.was established in 1991 and one year later it entered the market. After the country split also the company was divided into the Czech and Slovak and Slovcandy Haas s.r.o. was founded. 1994 sees the first foreign brand in the portfolio – Chewits. Thus the company became a distributor of branded articles. By the end of 1990s Chewits is joined by other new brands as Cadbury Fingers or Fisherman’s Friend. The company focuses on impulsive purchase area.

The new century brings a new organization structure of the mother Ed. Haas Nährmittel GmbH company, also change in the Czech company name to Ed. Haas CZ s.r.o. and Slovak name to Ed. Haas SK s.r.o.

The range of products increases by a new product line HAAS effervescent tablets produced in a new modern plant in a sister company in Hungary. Increasing demand brings a different new line a year later – Italian cuisine Conte de Cesare.